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“The suite of software from Sciencesoft is the most user-friendly and intuitive software I have ever worked with.”

“I’ve worked with Sciencesoft for several years and the technical quality of their CEOR productsand customer support is excellent. The staff have extensive knowledge of reservoir simulation including the complex processes involved in CEOR.”

“The suite of software from Sciencesoft is the most user-friendly and intuitive software I have ever worked with.”

“I have extensively used the Chemical EOR simulator, Meteor, the pre-processor, S3chembuild, and the post-processing tool S3GRAF in my chemical EOR industry training courses and all the participants have been extremely impressed with the technical capabilities and ease of use.”

“There are also additional capabilities in S3GRAF like generating the images of flow vectors that my research team was unable to produce using the results from CMG-STARS. These niche features do not exist in commercial reservoir simulators.”

Dr Mojdeh Delshad
Research Professor, Hildebrand Department of Petroleum & Geosystems Engineering, Texas, USA

“an excellent package for analysis of results”, “the best they have used.”

“Here at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology the students in Reservoir Engineering are required to do reservoir simulation projects using commercial simulation software and real oil field data. Since we started to use Sciencesoft’s S3GRAF for post processing of simulation results, life has become much easier for us advisors. It is in my opinion an excellent package for analysis of results. The students using it are very satisfied and report that the software programme is the best they have used.”

Professor Jon Kleppe PhD
Department Chairman, Dept. of Petroleum Engineering & Applied Geophysics, Norway

“our data is presented in beautiful pictures by simply dragging and dropping data files. Thanks to S3GRAF”

“We use UTCHEM to simulate chemical injection for enhanced oil recovery. However, UTCHEM doesn’t have the capability to let us visualise data in 2D or 3D graphic format. I felt like I was working blind. Now that we have Sciencesoft’s software products, namely S3GRAF and S3GRAF-3D, our data is presented in beautiful pictures by simply dragging and dropping data files. Thanks to S3GRAF the UTCHEM simulations have come alive for our lectures and studies. We’re grateful to Sciencesoft for reaching out to our university with their support of software for our studies.”

James Sheng
Associate Professor, Dept. of Petroleum Engineering, Texas, USA

“I have coupled UTCHEM to many visualization software’s for analysing the simulation results...

... I find S3GRAF an excellent and easy-to-use tool where the simulation output can be loaded quickly and any plots produced can be sent to PowerPoint for reporting purposes in one quick step. UTCHEM results can also easily be benchmarked against other simulators such as ECLIPSE, CHEARS and VIP.”

Dr Mojdeh Delshad
Research Professor, Dept. of Petroleum & Geosystems Engineering, Texas, USA

"S3GRAF by Sciencesoft makes it very easy to generate graphs and maps so that I can quickly assess the performance of my simulations on a very high level.  In addition, its 3D visualization capabilities help me better understand simulation performance on a regional basis by allowing me to ‘zoom in’ on particular sections of the model. Tools like the polyline function and fence plots make it really easy to generate cross-sections of the grid, and that leads to a significantly better understanding of the reservoir behaviour when looking at large sector models with multiple wells. Also, the ability to create and export animations is invaluable when presenting my results.”

, Dept. of Petroleum & Geosystems Engineering, Texas, USA

“A group of students is using Sciencesoft software for their graduation theses...

...This has meant that we can easily analyse the computational results from our development of more complex simulators, as opposed to the basic analytical output that we would normally be achieving by using other products. In developing numerical simulators dealing with 3D problems, a sophisticated output processor like S3GRAF is essential; in order to efficiently debug the students’ simulators and to analyze what is happening in their calculations.

The students have used Sciencesoft’s S3GRAF software to showcase their results in a high quality graphical form in their graduation theses and presentation’s. We appreciate the kind offer from Sciencesoft for our research.”

Professor Masanori Kuirhara PhD
Dept. of Resources & Environmental Engineering, Tokyo, Japan

“As part of my Ph.D studies I am working on UTCOMP...

...using the Sciencesoft product S3GRAF. I am progressing really well using S3GRAF as the software is very user-friendly and the help section is very well structured. I would thoroughly recommend this software as a post-processing tool.”

Fahad Igbal Syed
Ph.D Student (Part-time)/Reservoir Engineer (I/EOR)
Faculty of Geosciences and Petroleum Engineering, Malaysia


Reservoir Simulation Suite

The Sciencesoft Reservoir Simulation Suite of products helps engineers to quickly and accurately analyse reservoir simulator results enabling them to make multi-million dollar field planning and development decisions. Reservoir simulators are the main prediction tools used by engineers in petroleum companies to forecast for future oil and gas production.

The Reservoir Simulation Suite consists of:





















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